How It Works

Set your home cat litter delivery schedule
and relax - you'll never have to shop for litter again. Stop lugging heavy bags home from
the store and save time with Boxiecat.

Boxiecat Brand Premium Litter

All natural scent-free clumping clay

How much litter do you need? Ask our Recommendation Engine!

We do the heavy lifting.

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How It Works

With Boxiecat's subscription cat litter service,
your cats can rely on a clean and fresh litter box - and you won't have to remember to get more litter. Sign up is easy!

Boxiecat Brand Premium Litter

All natural scent-free clumping clay

How much litter do you need? Ask our Recommendation Engine!

Lower your carbon pawprint.

Subscribe Now Try One Shipment Now! Our Story Tesimonials Satisfaction Guaranteed

How It Works

Boxiecat delivery isn't just fast and free, we
also use 100% recyclable packaging and environmentally friendly shipping boxes -
all made in the USA.

See your green savings

Boxiecat Brand Premium Litter

All natural scent-free clumping clay

How much litter do you need? Ask our Recommendation Engine!



Simply set your home cat litter delivery schedule, and you will continually receive litter delivered to your doorstep with free shipping. Boxiecat will save you time and trips to the store, plus you'll never run out, or have to do the heavy lifting.

Boxiecat Brand Premium Litter

All natural scent-free clumping clay

How much litter do you need? Ask our Recommendation Engine!
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Cat Fancy 2012 Editors' Choice Award

Quantity discounts

If receiving more than one bag of litter at a time, these ongoing discounts automatically apply.

Order 2
bags at a time:
Receive $1 off
your order.
Order 3+
bags at a time:
Receive $1 off
each bag.
Who is Boxiecat?

We're cat people... We really love our cats!

There are quite a few precious cats in the Boxiecat family! Our cats are in our own homes, as well as in hundreds of homes, shelters, and vet offices in all 50 States. From when they settle in for some good one-on-one time, to when they scratch us for giving them one pet too many, we're there...

What we don't love is having to get cat litter. Nobody does! Not one of the big-litter companies has taken the time to make litter simple, so we did it ourselves.

The Boxiecat idea is to receive truly natural, long lasting, and effective litter without spending precious time going to get it, without ever running out, and without the heavy lifting.

Our mission is to be good for cats, good for people, and good for the planet. We put our hearts into Boxiecat, and we're always at work making it better. We hope you will find our litter excellent, and added value in the Boxiecat service.

We shipped our first box of litter in August of 2011, and know our company exists because of you. We greatly enjoy the opportunity to meet so many great people and great cats. Call us anytime at 877-817-0253, or, send us a note - we'd love to hear from you!

-Josh Wiesenfeld

What's new at Boxiecat?

Boxiecat has won the Cat Fancy 2012 Editors' Choice Award and was voted one of the Best Cat Products of the Year! Cat Fancy, the worlds most widely read cat magazine says the award goes to "innovative products that reflect quality, creativity, originality, and fill a need in the market. Safety and functionality are essential." The Editors at Cat Fancy say "This litter clumps really well, making it last longer and the odor control is amazing. And the delivery is so convenient!"

We just finished the Boxiecat Recommendation Engine™. It helps new subscribers estimate how much litter they need and how often they need it. Give it a whirl, and let us know what you think!

We have two new shelters in our Shelter Partner Program - Caring For Cats, Inc. in North St. Paul, Minnesota, and The Humane Society of Allen County, Ohio. They are doing wonderful work and helping us contribute toward the well-being of cats!

We're proud to have achieved Better Business Bureau accreditation in January 2012. Awarded to businesses with a measurable track record of integrity with customers and truth in advertising, you can find our new BBB seal at the bottom of our site.

What's coming up at Boxiecat?

If you've already subscribed, you'll know that we ask about your cats during signup. We've received some amazing stories. For example, we have cats who bravely made it through Katrina in our little family. We're working on a subscriber wall featuring subscribers, their cats, and their stories. We'll be sending out a request for you to post your stories, videos, and pictures soon!

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Cats Love it

The #1 comment Boxiecat receives is that cats love it! Cats take to Boxiecat litter right away, and it helps attract cats to use the litter box. Given the choice to use a litter box filled with Boxiecat or a litter box containing another brand, customers report cats choose the litter box with Boxiecat every time!

Clumps Hard, Quick, and on Top

Hard clumps form quickly on the top, rather than soaking to the bottom of the litter box.

Clumnps On Top

Scoops Easy, Stays Clean

Clumps hold together during scooping, making litter care a breeze. Boxiecat litter stays ultra-clean even after weeks of scooping, creating a more inviting and better smelling litter box.

Scoops Easy

Scent-free, and Eliminates Ammonia Odors

Unscented, Boxiecat brand litter completely eliminates ammonia odors without using fragrance as a masking agent.

99.9% Dust-free, Hypo-allergenic, and All Natural

Boxiecat has an extremely low dust content. It's made from pure, all natural clay, and contains no chemical additives.

Fine Granules Resist Tracking

Boxiecat is fine and soft on cat's paws, but it is not lightweight, so it resists tracking.

Fine Granules Resist Tracking

Longer Lasting

Because clumps don't break up during scooping, Boxiecat stays cleaner longer. It also forms smaller and lighter clumps. Based on customer averages, one 16 pound bag lasts one cat approximately one month.

Single and Multi-cat Formula for all Litter Box Types

Boxiecat is perfect for single and multi-cat households, as well as regular, sifting, and mechanical litter boxes.

Noticeable Quality Difference

Customers report that using Boxiecat makes a noticeable difference, both for cats and those who love them!

Convenient and Green

Boxiecat packaging is durable, manageable to lift, easy to tear open, has a zip-lock for re-sealing, and is 100% recyclable. Boxiecat litter is biodegradable and made in the U.S.A.


All natural premium clay. No fragrances, no dyes, no bleach.

Made by Cat Lovers and Supports Shelters and Rescues

Boxiecat was created by cat lovers who wanted a better litter box experience. Boxiecat is family-owned and -operated, and supports Shelters and Rescues Nationwide through its Shelter Partner Program. Boxiecat loves cats!

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Subscribe Now Try One Shipment Now!
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"This litter clumps really well, making it last longer and the odor control is amazing. And the delivery is so convenient!"
Editors of Cat Fancy Magazine - Best Cat Product of the Year

"This is truly the BEST litter! I have used every litter on the market. I have used all of the clay and non-clay litters, as well. My cats have always preferred clay, but I couldn't stand the smell or the difficult clean up. Until Boxiecat!

I am a veterinarian with 6 cats, and often have extra foster cats or kittens running around. This litter clumps really well, so the litter lasts longer because you don't have the broken up chunks that fall from the scoop. I love this stuff and recommend it to anyone and everyone! I tell all my clients about it, too!"
Dr. Lisa Franck D.V.M., California

"I have a multiple-cat household, and also work at a cat shelter. I have tried all kinds of litter over the years, but NOTHING can hold a candle to Boxiecat! This product is simply the best! It is truly dust free, but best of all, the odor control is amazing. There simply is no litter box smell--ever--in my home since I started using this product. Additionally, the litter doesn't stick to my cats' paws--so no more tracking litter around the house, either!"
Kelley Schmidt, Shelter Manager at Caring For Cats, Minnesota

"I was having a major problem with one of my senior cats urinating outside the box - usually next to it... I tried all kinds of solutions including changing litter, a pet psychic, an animal behaviorist, the vet and gave up...

One day on Facebook I noticed an ad for Boxiecat and was curious. I ordered a bag and put it in one of the boxes and was amazed to find that my two cats would use Boxiecat before using any other. I was still sceptical, but ordered more and am thrilled to find they are not urinating outside the box. Also I like the fact that there is no dust or odor with Boxiecat. It may cost a little more - but it is worth every penny to me for solving my problem."
Adrienne Jonas, and Sweetie Pie, and Figaro the cats, California

"This stuff ACTUALLY WORKS... There is absolutely NO SLUDGE. NONE. How can this be?! It clumps up and doesn't fall apart when I scoop it out of the box - witchcraft, I say!... No coughing when I pour this into the box because there's very little dust. Smell? What smell? Do I even still have a cat? I don't smell poop or pee or, better yet, irritating potpourri fragrance attempting to mask poop and pee."
Elizabeth Gilmore, New York

"This is the best litter I've ever used. I have had many cats over the years and have used lots of different types of litters. Your litter is odorless, trackless, easy to scoop, clumps great and best of all my cat loves it. I have previously used an all natural walnut litter but she took to this litter immediately."
Debra Cikovic, Tennessee

"I love your product! So do my 2 cats. You are keeping my kitties and me happy."
Judy Doland, and Sugar and Misty the cats, California

"My 3 cats and I loved it right from the start... There is not a tracking problem. It clumps extremely well and is easy to scoop out. And - best of all - it all but eliminates any odor. And the once-a-month litter box change is not hype. It's really true. I scoop my boxes every day and the litter stays very clean... The cats are happy; I'm happy. My female 10 year old cat previously sometimes had problems with "missing" the box. For whatever reason, this never happens now. I think she finds Boxiecat acceptable to her high standards.

The customer service is also exceptional... Anytime I've called or emailed to adjust an order, I heard back within a matter of hours. The staff is very friendly and helpful and even refer to my cats by name. Pretty awesome! This is the only litter I will use hence forward, and I highly recommend it!"
Diane Worth, and Pepper, Mia, and Charlie the cats, Kansas

"I want to say how much I love your cat litter - it really does reduce the cat box odor in our house and that makes everybody happy. Thanks so much."
Gretchen Walkup, and her rescue cats Andy, Claire, Frank and Frida, Maryland

"I just wanted to say "Thank You" for your excellent product and service! My cat KON simply loves this litter!... Now that I've used it for a couple months I've noticed that I don't need to use as much between pan changes. Thanks again for a superior product!"
Debbie Poore, and Kon the cat, Ohio

"I can't tell you how great it is not to have to lug heavy bags home anymore. Thanks Boxiecat."
Leslie Dick, and Peter, Paul, and Mary, Michigan

"You won't find a better brand at the store. Plus it comes automatically so you don't have to worry about running out!"
Hadley Porter, and Medina the cat, California

"I just want to say Boxiecat rocks!! Not only is the quality WAY better than any other on the market - but the customer service is incredible as well!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!"
Evelyn Ferry, Illinois

"You offer a great service at an affordable price. Every cat lover should know it's available!!!"
Becky Myers, and Kiele the cat, Hawaii

"I saw your ad on Facebook and figured, what do I have to lose? I immediately noticed the absence of dust when I filled the box. In fact, that first box is almost a month old now and it is still clumping strong...the cats started ignoring the second box in the house until I filled it with Boxiecat litter. I am truly amazed by your product. So, fantastic job. I'm sure to be a customer for a long time to come. I'm telling the cat owners in my life about your product."
Gary Fortcher, and Isis, Kenobe, and Cera the cats, New York

"I absolutely love Boxiecat!!! It is the BEST litter ever... THANK YOU for amazing service and product. You have a customer for life!"
Janice Lee, Florida

"This is the best clay litter I have found on the market. It does what it claims to do. It has no overwhelming perfumy scent...and doesn't track all over the house. The blessings of having it delivered to my front door on my own schedule is great... This is a product that I will use and recommend for a very long time."
Cindi Warn, and Sassafrass the cat, California

"I took the leap and tried Boxiecat...this stuff really works! You get it delivered right to your front door on a schedule you lugging around those heavy containers from the grocery store to your car to your doorstep. That's a big plus for us old folk. Pricing is fine too, free shipping included."
Marcdavid Cohn, and Marley the cat, Ohio

"I love this litter!!! No dust and no smell..the best.."
Pepper Karansky, and Wiley, Me Too, and Missyboo the cats, California

"I have been using the boxicat for a month now..Its ammonia smell..I can hardly believe that. Many others say no ammonia or reduces odor...that was the hardest part of cleaning a litter box..that smell of ammonia...but its gone..really..and I don't have to haul a box from the store to the car to the house...its mailed to me and easy open box and glad I tried it and will keep using it..."
Mary Lukowski, and her two cats, Wisconsin

"Dear Josh and Staff,

One year ago I was waiting for a shipment of another attempt at finding the right kind of litter. This was just one more try at finding the one that would help solve our problems. We had tried corn, wheat, hay, peat, dirt, grass, clay, pine, paper, paper pellets and, yes, even orange peel.

Sassafrass had been diagnosed with Chronic UTI after four years of pain, accidents, antibiotics, and more...I reached out to the diagnosticians at UC Davis for help.

It has been a year, on the 29th, that we began using Boxiecat. Other than getting married, having my two daughters, and being adopted by Sassafrass, ordering Boxiecat has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

Sassafrass has now been infection free for 8 months! The dermatitis he suffered from on his paws has cleared up also. All I know is that we are more than satisfied with your product. We are able to know that Sassafrass is no longer in pain and faces a wonderful life.

Thank you, Josh, for putting out a product that has enriched all our lives. We travel with Sass and never fail to take along his Boxiecat. I appreciate all of care and attention you have given us. We will continue to be "Boxiecat Family" as long as you make it. If you ever decide to sell stock, we would love to be one of the first to invest."
Ever a Boxiecat user, Cindi & Sassafrass & family, California

"I am never one who writes reviews online, but this product warrants this exception and my time!... So thankful for the great formula that Boxiecat offers and the delivery is so easy! I don't have to challenge myself every time I try to carry the litter from the store anymore... Now I got it deliver to my doorstep!!!"
Caterina Hall, California

"Brilliant idea...I would like to thank you for your outstanding customer service."
Chris Geiser, New York

"In a world full of no service it's great to see that Boxiecat understands the meaning of 'customer service'."
Pete Bauer, Virginia

"Appreciate your great customer service."
Carol Schwartz, Florida

"Thank you for the truly amazing customer service... Quite astonishing; as a retired IT Help Desk and customer service rep for the federal government, I applaud your work ethic..."
Jana Over, Maryland

"True customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard to find!!!"
Linda Conwell, Arizona

Rochelle Bradley, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for all your help. The product is awesome!!"
Janine Watson, California

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