Boxiecat Announces Shelter Partner Program

Boxiecat Announces Shelter Partner Program

Boxiecat, the pet product innovator who last year launched their unique subscription cat litter delivery service, is now launching a national Shelter Partner Program.

The Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program is a co-sponsorship program that raises awareness for shelter initiatives and goals. The program allows Boxiecat to donate a portion of revenue toward the well-being of cats, and, at the same time, lend a hand in raising local and national awareness of shelter initiatives and goals such as adoptions and donations.

"At Boxiecat our mission is to be good for cats, good for people, and good for the planet," says Boxiecat founder Josh Wiesenfeld. "We started the business so that we could be uniquely useful and solve everyday problems. Our initial goals involved providing truly natural, safe, and effective litter, saving people time and energy, and reducing the environmental impact of repeat round trips to the store. Now that we have succeeded in building that foundation, we think we are in a great position to be useful to shelters, and the animals they serve.

Boxiecats ambitious two year goal for the program is to be partnered with every shelter in America. Boxiecat launched a website update this week with a Shelter Partner Program link. Boxiecat invites all shelters to visit the link and contact the company for more information.

Boxiecats most recent Shelter Partners are Caring for Cats, Inc, in North St. Paul, Minnesota, and The Humane Society of Allen County, Ohio.

About Boxiecat 

Boxiecat is Americas first and only subscription cat litter service. All subscriptions come with fast and free home delivery, including to Alaska and Hawaii. Subscribers save time, eliminate round trips to the store, and put an end to lifting and lugging heavy containers. The service features personalized shipment timing and vacation holds. Payments are made on a per shipment basis, and subscribers can pause or cancel their account at any time. A necessity for the 86.4 million pet cats in the U.S., Boxiecat provides a unique and convenient solution to the problems associated with cat litter. Boxiecat has subscribers in 46 states and is Better Business Bureau accredited.

Boxiecat has been recommended by The Washington Post, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine's Cat Watch Newsletter,, Animal Shelters, and Veterinarians across the U.S., and has been featured in USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Houston Chronicle,, and 

Product Description 

Boxiecat manufactures its own brand of Veterinarian recommended, all natural, premium clumping clay. Hard clumps form on the top rather than soaking to the bottom of the box, making litter care a breeze. Boxiecat litter stays ultra-clean even after weeks of scooping. It is unscented and completely eliminates ammonia odors without using fragrance as a masking agent. An over 99.9% dust free cat litter, it is hypo-allergenic and long lasting.