All Boxiecat litter starts with the best natural, pure premium clay.

Here are the differences between our formulas...

                                                                          Boxiecat's blue bags are scent-free, and contain no additives whatsoever.


Boxiecat's green bags contain a gentle, moisture activated scent.


Boxiecat's red bags are also scent-free, and contain a natural probiotic for extra odor control.


Here are the similarities between our formulas...

All our litter products clump like a charm!
  • Flat top™ clumps don't soak to the bottom and stick
  • Leaves your litter box cleaner and better smelling
  • Easier to scoop

    All our litter products do an outstanding job with odor control!
    • No ammonia odors
    • No urine odors
    All our litter products have ultra-low dust!
    • No dust clouds when you pour
    • Healthy and good for cat and human allergies
    • No dust accumulating in your home

    See the features of each formula below - click on the header links to learn more about each
      Scent-free Gently Scented Extra Strength
    Hard clumps form instantly
    Scoops easily
    Stays ultra-clean throughout use
    99.9% dust free
    Outstanding odor control
    Dust suppression
    Soft on paws
    Gently Scented
    Natural probiotic odor control