Bag of Boxie cat litter next to litter box
Bag of Boxie cat litter next to litter box

Think Outside the Box™

The first litter formulated with cat, human and home in mind.™

Bag of Boxie probiotic cat litter

Probiotic Litter

Bag of Boxie unscented cat litter

Unscented Litter

Bag of Boxie gently scented cat litter

Gently Scented Litter

Bag of Boxie extra strength cat litter

Extra Strength Litter


Family Owned


Made in the USA


Natural & Sustainable


Veterinarian Recommended

23,000+ Reviews from Happy Pawrents

Best cat litter, hands down.

Janet A.

Verified Customer

Man, oh man. It has been a game-changer.


Verified Customer

My cat loves this litter and so do I! It's like magic no-dust!

S. Robin

Verified Customer


Cats love us™

Yours will too.
100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

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