Introducing Boxie® Glo™

Introducing Boxie® Glo™

Revolutionary Cat Litter That Uses Patent-Pending UV Technology to Help Guide Cats to The Litter Box - so they know where to go™.

Cats Can See in UV

Cats are remarkable creatures, not only for their agile grace and playful antics but also for their extraordinary sensory abilities. One of the most intriguing aspects of feline capabilities is their vision. Cats possess the unique ability to see in ultraviolet (UV) light, a feature that significantly enhances their hunting and navigating prowess. This remarkable trait is not just a curiosity but has inspired innovations tailored to their unique view of the world, such as the creation of Boxie® Glo™ litter.

Exploring the Connection between Cats' Litter Box Behavior and their Ability to See UV Light

Recent studies reveal that cats see a wider color spectrum, including UV. Unlike humans, cats have eyes that can detect UV light. This ability is thought to be an evolutionary advantage that helps cats see in dim light or at night. UV light can make certain patterns on animals or objects more visible to cats, which is particularly useful when tracking prey. This enhanced vision also helps them detect more subtle movements and maintain a high level of awareness of their surroundings.

Proteins in urine fluoresce under UV light and cats eliminate where they see these UV sensory cues. This sparked Boxie® to add UV sparkles to Glo™. This triggers a cat’s instinct to eliminate in the litter box with Glo™ litter.  

Why Boxie Glo Litter?

Is your cat not using the litter in its litter box? Is your cat avoiding the litter box? Has your cat recently developed health issues (ex. FLUTD, litter box aversion, respiratory) related to litter?  

Cats were not naturally designed to use a litter box. Uncomfortable litters and litter boxes can cause stress for cats, resulting in problems with using the litter box. It is crucial to offer your cat high-quality litters that encourage healthy litter habits and guide them to the litter box. 

Inspired by the unique visual capabilities of cats, Boxie® Glo™ litter was developed to align with how cats perceive their environment. The idea was to create a product that not only meets the hygienic needs of cats but also encourages their natural behaviors and comfort.

Boxie® Glo™ litter is formulated with UV sparkles that only cats can see. This feature taps into the cat’s ability to see UV light, making the litter more visually distinct and easier for cats to identify and use. The UV sparkles help guide cats to their litter box, making Boxie® Glo™ an ideal choice for households that want to support their feline friends and provide a stress-free litter box experience.

Benefits of Boxie® Glo™ Litter

  1. So they know where to go™: Boxie® Glo™ litter’s UV sparkles stand out in the visual spectrum that only cats can see, making it easier for them to locate their litter box.
  2. Attractants: This litter is designed with cats' sensory experience in mind:
      1. SIGHT: Glo Light Attractant™ Encourages cats to use the litter box with added UV sparkles as a visual attractant™.
      2. SMELL: Glo Outdoor Attractant™ Contains a mild scent as an instinctual attraction to the outdoors.
      3. TOUCH: Glo Paw Feel Attractant™ Cats love to dig in soft, comfortable Glo™ granules engineered to mimic the North African desert where house cats originated."
  3. 30 Day Odor Control: Boxie® Glo™ is designed to be highly absorbent and odor-controlling, ensuring a clean and fresh environment for both cats and their owners.
  4. Safe and Comfortable: Boxie® Glo™ litter is made from safe, natural, high-quality materials that are gentle on cats' paws, low dust, and designed to reduce tracking, keeping your home cleaner. It contains no fragrances, no fillers, no preservatives in our litter means you aren't bringing necessary toxins into your home.

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Boxie® Glo™ is not just cat litter. It’s a revolutionary litter solution that focuses on proactive cat health. For cat pawrents, choosing Boxie® Glo™ means providing a litter that not only meets basic needs but also promotes positive litter habits for the well-being of their cat and home. 

Available in clay litter, corn litter, and crystal litter substrates.