Boxiecat Listens and Gives Customers Litter with Lowest Dust Content Yet!

Boxiecat Listens and Gives Customers Litter with Lowest Dust Content Yet!

One of the things that really sets Boxiecat apart from other cat litter companies is that Boxiecat was founded on the principle of being truly good for cats and for the people that care for them. We want only the very best for our cats and we know our customers do, too. That’s why, when our customers send us feedback about our premium clumping clay litter, we not only listen, we take action!

While many cat-lovers have raved about the exceptional performance of Boxiecat, some of our customers let us know that there was still room for improvement and asked if there was any way we could further reduce the dust content of our litter. The satisfaction of our customers and their cats is our #1 priority, so we set to work seeking out new ways to control the dust that naturally occurs in the production of clay litters and we didn’t stop until we found something truly revolutionary.

We are very excited to announce that Boxiecat litter is now made with a new and improved dust suppression technology that has significantly reduced the dust content of Boxiecat litter. After much testing, we were pretty impressed with the results of this new, cutting-edge technology and we hope you will be, too!

  • Advanced Dust Suppression Technology - actively keeps dust down over the life of the product.
  • Rigorously Tested - to maintain the highest standards with regard to dust levels.

We would like to note that it’s important to us to set the right expectations and to represent our product accurately to our customers. No litter is completely dust free - that’s a fact.  However, we are certain that you will now notice a great improvement in the level of dust in Boxiecat litter!

We’d love to hear your thoughts about our newly improved product!

Please feel free to send your feedback to, because we always appreciate hearing about your experiences with Boxiecat!