Boxiecat Partners with spcaLA to Promote the Care of Cats!

Boxiecat Partners with spcaLA

Bettering the lives of cats and those who care for them has always been at the heart of the Boxiecat mission, and that’s why we created our unique subscription cat litter delivery service. By delivering high quality clay litter right to our customers’ doors, Boxiecat virtually eliminates the hassles associated with litter care, allowing cats and cat lovers to have a healthier and more positive litter box experience.

To further our goals of promoting the care and protection of cats everywhere, we developed the Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program in 2012. This program allows Boxiecat to work hand in hand with shelters, rescues, and other cat care agencies, and the team at Boxiecat is very excited to announce the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles’ participation in the Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program!

Established in 1877, spcaLA is one of the oldest and most regarded animal care organizations and we couldn’t be happier to call them part of the Boxiecat family as one of our Shelter Partners. spcaLA’s participation in the Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program allows Boxiecat to donate a portion of revenue directly to spcaLA where it can be used to support the programs and activities of this wonderful organization that is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals.

As an independently chartered non-profit agency, financial support for spcaLA is provided solely by contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations.  This means that donations are absolutely vital to the success of spcaLA and its ability to host a wide range of animal protection programs and animal care services including cruelty investigation, a Disaster Animal Response Team, humane education and a variety of shelter services.

Now, you can support spcaLA when you buy Boxiecat litter through the spcaLA Shopping Partners page. It’s simple!  Visit the spcaLA Shopping Partners Page, click on the “spcaLA’s Boxiecat Partnership Link”, and use the special donation code provided. You will receive 5% off of your first order and 20% of your first purchase will go to the support of the wonderful programs and services of spcaLA!

Please, visit to learn more about the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles.

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