Boxiecat Pet Innovation Award - BoxiePro Scoop & Spray Litter Extender

Boxiecat Pet Innovation Award - BoxiePro Scoop & Spray Litter Extender

2021 Cleaners & Deodorizers Product of the Year: Boxiecat

Boxiecat is pleased to announce that our BoxiePro Scoop & Spray Litter Extender has been named the best Cleaner & Deodorizer Product of the Year by the Pet Independent Innovation Awards!

“The Pet Innovation Awards Program showcases the leading products, services and companies that drive innovation and exemplify the best in the pet industry across the globe, according to officials.

The mission of the annual Pet Innovation Awards Program is to honor innovation and recognize the excellence, hard work and success in a range of pet care industry categories, including apparel, grooming and cleaning, food and treats, health, housing, toys, training, collars, leashes, harnesses, and retailers and services. The 2021 Pet Innovation Awards attracted more than 1,250 nominations from around the world.

Nominations were evaluated by an independent panel of judges who are a group of senior-level pet product professionals who have personally worked within the pet product space. The winning products and companies were selected based on a variety of criteria, including most innovative and advanced products and services.” 

-Pet Product News


Don't Just Scoop™

At Boxiecat, creating products that help to improve your pet’s health and your lifestyle is our priority.

Keeping your litter box clean and odor-free can be a chore and hassle, especially when you have multiple cats. On top of that, have you ever wondered what your cat tracks out of the litter box right after usage? When your cat has full access to the house, they can spread unseen waste on kitchen counters, beds, tables, and other areas of the home. With BoxiePro’s Scoop & Spray Litter Extender, you can greatly reduce the amount of waste spread around your home and extend the life of your litter.

Formulated with Probiotic odor encapsulator™, BoxiePro’s Scoop & Spray Litter Extender eliminates litter box odors and reduces contaminants by targeting odors anytime waste is present so you don’t have to throw out the litter as often. 

BoxiePro’s Scoop & Spray Litter Extender is designed to keep your litter box fresh and clean in a simple, hassle-free way. Every time you scoop, simply spray BoxiePro Litter Extender on top of the litter to keep it fresher for longer. It works with any type or brand of litter and won’t cause clumps!

Being a pet parent can be a difficult and daunting task, but Boxiecat aims to make it easy with simple and effective products that work. 

Cleaner Paws = Cleaner Home

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