Boxiecat: Small Business Promotes the Well-being of Cats in a Big Way

At Boxiecat, we believe that being small doesn’t have to mean you can’t do big things. In fact, our small business was founded with the goal of making a big difference in the lives of cats and cat-lovers! We started by developing the very highest quality clumping clay litter that stands in a class of its own in terms of clumping capabilities, odor-fighting properties, and dust control. Then, we brought it to the door steps of cat-lovers everywhere with our one-of-a-kind subscription cat litter delivery service, but we didn’t stop there!

One of the core values of the Boxiecat Team is providing support for the amazing organizations that promote the protection and care of the ever-increasing population of homeless cats, so we decided to take the Boxiecat for Good™ mission a step further with the development of the Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program. Through the Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program, shelters, rescues, and animal care organizations are able to receive donations, subsidized bulk litter delivery, and media support. The current roster of shelter partners includes the Baltimore Humane Society (also known as Bmore Humane), Caring for Cats, and spcaLA just to name a few!

Boxiecat owner, Josh, says that he wanted to create a business that “provides a really great service for people, but also promotes the well-being of cats everywhere. The Partner Program seemed like a great way to connect with other groups that share Boxiecat’s values around the protection and care of cats.” A milestone for the Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program was a 1,600 lb. litter donation to Los Angeles cat care organization, Kitten Rescue, in 2013. “It was so exciting to be able to make such a big contribution to an organization that does so much good for cats in the local community, and it was made possible by the wonderful people who have supported Boxiecat. My goal is to continue to build the business so that we can expand the program and do even more good for cats. It’s so exciting to think of all the possibilities.”

If you work with or know of an organization that you think should be part of the Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program, email the Boxiecat Team at We are always excited to learn about organizations that promote the care and well-being of cats!