"Cat Litter Sanity" - Boxiecat on Examiner.com

"Cat Litter Sanity" - Boxiecat on Examiner.com

Cat Litter Sanity

If you have cats then you probably have “Cat Litter Insanity”.

Odd how cat litter issues can be such a huge source of stress for cats and their humans.

All cat guardians face the same problems day in and day out when it comes to Litter Boxes and Litter choices.

Of course it all starts with the box itself, the color the texture, the design, does it work in the room and we all know what a nightmare this is. There are certainly no Beverly Hills designers behind the cat litter box movement. OMG, could the choices get much more unattractive? I think not.

The next issue is all about the litter itself, long ago absolutely no thought was given to what we were pouring into “The Box”, but times have changed.

As we become more and more aware of what is toxic and what is not, there is new generation of thought when it comes to what we provide within the environment of our pets.

Litter can no longer be a “no brainer”, studies have shown the harmful effects that some litters can cause to our family felines. (Note: There is so much information on this subject I advise that you do a search on the subject to educate yourself fully.)

Cats are known for their cleanliness, for their sense of smell which is much more evolved and sensitive than humans and as we all know can be extremely finicky,

The choice of litter can make or break a cats private time habits and make for a not so happy home. If they don’t like the litter, they will let you know it loud and clear.

For the Feline it begins with the texture and the smell, if it does not feel good on their feet, or there is some strong fragrant or toxic aroma emanating from the box, you have lost the first round.

If you have done well in your choices and the box is satisfactory to them, the next test is the clumping and cleanliness. Imagine for a moment if you had to step into a box that was full of lets call them “remnants” every time you needed to use the restroom? Not an attractive idea! Well it is not attractive to them either. Keep it clean and free of odor.

The final challenge is that you as the pet guardian have chosen a safe, natural, non toxic litter. Your cat breathes in the litter dust and you don’t want them breathing in potential toxic chemical fumes.

Do your homework; litter is important to your cat’s health, well being and behavior.

Last challenge: How many times have you run out of litter at the most inopportune time? I bet more than you would like to admit

Well let me introduce you to your new Cat Litter Sanity Solution.


Boxiecat is an online subscription service that lets you order your litter, set up a regular delivery time and always offers free shipping.

They deliver all natural, chemical free, premium clumping clay litter right to your door.

Saves those extra trips to the store, gasoline and an end to lugging heavy bags!

Boxiecat offers its own brand of premium clumping clay cat litter which exceeds the quality available in stores.

It is ultra clean even after weeks of scooping as the clumps form on the top, rather than soaking to the bottom of the litter box, making it a breeze to clean.

It is an all natural litter, it eliminates ammonia odors without using fragrance as a masking agent and it is over 99 % dust free, contains no chemical additives and is made in the USA

Subscribers are lovin’ this service for many reasons and there are glowing reviews of the quality and customer care.

Price is good and they offer quantity discounts and gift certificates

Founder local Los Angeles resident, Joshua Wiesenfeld says “We get unsolicited thank you notes from subscribers all the time. It's really rewarding to hear that we are providing a needed and useful service, and to know that we are providing a 100% all natural and healthy product for cats. We are offering a real solution, and in a very green way, which is good for everyone.

Check out all the information at www.boxiecat.com

And enjoy just one less stress in your life for 2012

Love it!

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