New Shelter Partner - Caring for Cats

New Shelter Partner - Caring for Cats

We're proud to announce the newest Boxiecat shelter partner - Caring for Cats, Inc. in North St. Paul Minnesota! Click to view their adoptable cats on Petfinder.

About Caring for Cats, Inc:

Caring for Cats, Inc. is an all-volunteer, no-kill shelter and foster network for cats and kittens. The organization provides a home-like "catmosphere" for 35-40 cats within the shelter. They also have 20-30 cats and kittens living in foster homes throughout the year. 

Over 90% of their shelter cats and kittens continue to find homes on an annual basis. In 2011, they took in 121 cats and kittens and found loving homes for 128 of our feline friends, including some who had been with us for one or more years! 

They are organized for charitable and educational purposes to help cats, and they operate within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended.

Their Mission: 

Caring for Cats is dedicated to maintaining and improving the lives of cats and kittens, and promoting positive human/feline experiences.

Their Purpose is to:

  • provide shelter and food for stray, abused, and surrendered cats and kittens;
  • operate an adoption program making the cats and kittens entering our shelter and foster network available to persons who demonstrate a desire and ability to provide them a loving and permanent home;
  • provide the finest medical care for cats and kittens; and,
  • educate the public about the nature and care of cats and kittens.

The Boxiecat Shelter Partner Program is a co-sponsorship program that raises awareness for shelter initiatives and goals. The program allows the Boxiecat cat litter service to donate a portion of revenue toward the well-being of cats, and, at the same time, lend a hand in raising local and national awareness of shelter initiatives and goals such as adoptions and donations.