Shop and Share for Animal Shelters

Shop and Share for Animal Shelters

Boxiecat wants ad dollars to go to animal shelters! Will you help?

 Boxiecat provides home delivery of high quality cat litter. Each month we give ad dollars to matchmakers - like Google or Facebook - in the hope of connecting with cat lovers like ourselves who may be interested in our service. That money is then used for something. Our guess is most of it is not given to animal shelters to be spent on rescues, food, medical care, and adoption efforts!

Will you be our matchmaker instead? 

From now until the end of March, we will donate 16 lbs of litter for each new subscriber, and 1 lb for each Facebook "Like" to a local shelter - up to 5,725 lbs of litter! This donation will save a shelter money, allowing them to do more good.

Please help us replace our traditional advertising with word of mouth. Ask your Facebook friends to "Like" Boxiecat, and the cat lovers you know to consider subscribing. Please help spread the word!

If this works, we will continue it! After all, advertising dollars ultimately come from customers, and we think our customers would prefer it be spent on the wellbeing of cats and other animals.

Please pass it on!

Subscribe to Boxiecat here - we'll donate 16 lbs of litter (use code: DONATION).

"Like" Boxiecat's Facebook Page here - we'll donate 1 lb of litter.


From The Boxiecat Team


Terms: This donation program runs from 2/18/13 - 3/31/13. Donation will be made to a "no-kill" shelter within 50 miles of the Boxiecat shipping office. Donations will be made for new "Likes" (as of 2/18/13 Boxiecat's Facebook page has 6177 likes), and new subscriptions at Maximum donation up to 5,728 lbs of Boxiecat litter, with a retail value of $7,142.10!