The Best Holiday Gift Guides for Pets 2021

The Best Holiday Gift Guides for Pets 2021

Looking for the purr-fect gift for your furry friend? We saved a few of our top favorites to share!

  1. Interactive toys (even better when they dispense treats!)

What better way to keep your pet happy than to give them a fun, interactive toy that will keep your pet entertained for hours! There’s so many out there, but we recommend one that dispenses a satisfying treat every playtime!

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We recommend treats that are packed with protein and made with the highest quality ingredients for your pets.

Power Animal pet treats are suitable for both cats and dogs, and come in a variety of flavors to fit their tastes. Freeze Lock™ locks in vital nutrients, carefully retaining the healthful and flavorful advantages of fresh, raw ingredients without the need for refrigeration.

Monument pet food and treats. Connect your pet with its natural instincts with treats that will provide the nourishment your pet needs.

  1. Cat window perch

Your cat no longer needs to sit on the windowsill to try to look out the window! With a cat window perch, you can position it wherever your cat would love to look out from. 


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  1. Pet Sweaters

The weather outside is fur-ightful! Keep your pets warm and stylish with a pet sweater! With a large variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can never go wrong!

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  1. Snuggly pet bed and blanket

After a long day in the park (or just relaxing at home), there’s nothing better than a warm and inviting bed and blanket waiting for you and your pet. 

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Already have a pet bed but it needs a little clean up? Whether your pet bed is soiled or needs a refresher, Boxiecat Stain & Odor Stopper provides a hassle-free and scrub-free cleaning experience. Available in scent free, gently scented, or extra strength.

  1. Boxiecat Litter & Litter Extender

Last but not least! A sure way to keep your cats happy is a clean litter box! Boxiecat litter is the perfect addition to a clean and safe home! With formulas that are 99.99% dust free, hypoallergenic, and contain no chemicals and additives, Boxiecat litter is great for single or multiple cat households.

Boxiecat Clay Litter

Made with high quality and premium clay, Boxiecat litter instantly forms instant Flat Top™ clumps that make it easy to scoop - keeping the litter box and your home clean!

Boxiecat Clay Litter Available in Scent Free, Gently Scented, and Deep Clean Probiotic

Boxiecat Air™ Litter

Light But Mighty™, Boxiecat Air™ litter is for when you want to experience lightweight litter without compromising on performance. It’s made of non-GMO barley, USA sourced, renewable, biodegradable and sustainable. 

Boxiecat Air litter is available in Scent Free, Gently Scented, and Deep Clean Probiotic

BoxiePro Litter Extender

Want to extend the life of your litter? Save money by eliminating litter box odors and reducing contaminants so you don’t have to throw out the litter box as often! The best part? It won’t cause clumps and leaves the litter box cleaner than before!

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