Veterinary Technician - Boxiecat Case Study

Veterinary Technician  - Boxiecat Case Study

Cathy Costello, Veterinary Technician, Boxiecat customer since 2012

Cathy's cats Sneaker-boo and Hershey-who

About Cathy, Sneaker-Boo, and Hershey-Who

Cathy Costello knew from a young age that she wanted to work with animals, cats in particular. She has been a certified veterinary technician for twenty years and has worked at many hospitals during that time. Cathy has two long-haired, female Tortoiseshell cats, Sneaker-boo, 20 years old, and Hershey-who, 18 years old, that she adopted as kittens.   

Sneaker-boo was only 5 weeks old when she came into Cathy’s life. A friend brought a kitten to Cathy after she was found at the door of a local animal hospital. The tiny kitten had suffered severe abuse and neglect, and, through medical treatment and personal care, Cathy was able to rehabilitate Sneaker-boo. Cathy adopted Hershey-who from friends who had rescued a mother cat and her kittens, who had been abandoned while pregnant. Cathy fell in love with the “dark little tortie with a big attitude” that she took home and named “Hershey-who.”

Cathy’s litter search

Cathy absolutely adores her two “tortie” girls and has given them the very best care that any kitties could wish for. As a cat-lover and animal care professional, Cathy has always known that the litter box is one of the most personal parts of a cat’s environment and she has taken great care to give her kitties a happy, healthy litter box experience. Over the years of caring for Sneaker-boo and Hershey-who, Cathy has tried a variety of cat litter brands that range in cost and litter type, including Tidy Cat, World’s Best Cat Litter, Yesterday’s News, and Boxiecat.  After many trials of many different litter brands, Cathy found that Boxiecat is the most effective choice based on litter performance and cat preference.  

When sampling various litters, Cathy found that many of the cat litter brands that she tried had drawbacks that made the litter experience unpleasant for both her and her cats. She said that many of the other litter brands were “so overwhelmingly scented that [she] couldn’t stand to be around [them]” and “most of them had some clumping issues.”

“Sneaker-boo and Hershey-who are enjoying all the benefits of having Boxiecat Litter in their boxes. Life is good for them."  

Enjoying the benefits of Boxiecat

Cathy, Hershey-who, and Sneaker-boo describe Boxiecat as having a “fine, sandy texture, good natural clumping ability, no added chemicals, scents or fragrances, [and] no dust or tracking issues.”  The convenience and ease of the Boxiecat litter subscription delivery service means that Cathy doesn’t have to make repeated trips to the store to lug heavy containers of litter so she has more time for her favorite things like spending time with her kitties.  She now recommends Boxiecat to clients and friends.  Cathy says that Boxiecat is “the best cat litter” she has found, and she notes that she has “seen and tried plenty!”  Cathy told us that “Sneaker-boo and Hershey-who are enjoying all the benefits of having Boxiecat Litter in their boxes. Life is good for them.

They’re well-loved and happy; isn’t that what it’s all about?”

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