For the best Light But Mighty™ experience:

  1. Fill a clean litter box with 3-4 inches of litter, scoop daily.
  2. For best odor control and clumps, maintain 3-4 inches of litter.
  3. Replace all used litter with fresh litter once a month.


  • Dispose in trash, do not flush down toilets or drains.

Number of litter boxes & cleaning:

  • Veterinarians recommend one litter box per cat plus one (for example, for 2 cats, use 3 boxes) as well as scooping twice per day. This can prevent overuse of any of the boxes, and keep the boxes clean and fresh.
  • For larger cats or cats with more frequent urination, more litter and additional cleaning may be necessary.


  • Some of tracking is cat dependent (if a cat kicks or jumps from the box). To prevent tracking, use a high sided litter box, or a top entry litter box.
  • Litter mats can also help trap particles before they can track beyond the litter box area.
  • Placing the litter box in a location where cats do not have to jump out of the box can avoid unnecessary tracking.