Boxiecat Scoop & Tie™ Litter Bags, 120 count

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Boxiecat Scoop & Tie™ Litter Bags, 120 count

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Just Scoop & Tie!™

Conveniently contain your litter box waste in our new leak-proof bag! These unscented handle bags are large enough to fit any scoop.

Easy-tear perforation on back of box allows for quick dispensing of bags.


  • Unscented bags with handles
  • Large to fit any scoop
  • 1 Box + 1 Cat = 3 Months

A closer look:

  • Quantity of bags: 120
  • Scented: No

Usage suggestions:

  1. Scoop cat waste into bag each time cleaning the litter box.
  2. Tie bag with handles.
  3. Dispose in trash.

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